About COD Shield

Have you ever thought of if you’re hit by a Third Party Foreign Vehicle while driving in Foreign Countries?

What will you do?

Are you able to claim from your insurance company?

Or are you required to pay for the damages of your own car even if you’re not at fault.

You may soon come to realise your car insurance coverage is not as comprehensive overseas as compared to at home country.

Due to the complexity of Cross Border Insurance Claim, the Insurance Claim becomes a long and frustrating process which may take YEARS to conclude, and chances are slim.

Conclusion is you will end up paying for your own car damage, either from your own pocket or utilising your Insurance OD (Own Damage) Claim.

This will cause you to lose your NCD (No Claim Discount), there will be a significant increase in your Insurance Premium.

Additional you will also have to fork out the Excess Amount stated in your Insurance Policy Agreement.

Any Solution?

That’s why we are here for, we shield you from all of the above:-
“Let COD Shield, be your Shield!”

How It Works

Choose your Policy

Apply the policy by choosing the Type of Policy, Country of coverage, Vehicle to be covered and policy days you required.

App Screenshot for Choose Your Policy
Upload photos of your vehicle

Upload the photographs of your vehicle to be covered for the policy.

App Screenshot for Upload Photos of Your Vehicle
Easy Payment

After making payment, you are now successfully covered under Causeway OD Shield Policy Coverage.

App Screenshot for Payment
Your vehicle coverage is active

You can view your policy that is currently active.

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Why Choose Causeway OD Shield

Easy Application

Application is Easy and Convenient; it only takes a couple of minutes. And what’s best, your policy will be approved Instantly.

Comprehensive Coverage

Causeway OD Shield Coverage includes Vehicle Towing due to Accident / Breakdown, Free Vehicle Repair, Loss of Use Allowance and more.

Reduce Complexity of Accident with Foreign Vehicles

Accident with a Foreign Vehicle is a Frustrating Process.

Investigation can take Months or even Years if they ever get back to you.

All these painful Process can be skipped when you are covered by Causeway OD Shield.

All Vehicle Repairs / Excess will be paid by us

All claim reimbursement will bear by Causeway OD Shield, if your vehicle is too severely damaged, we will pay for your Insurance Excess.

Fast Claim Approval

In the event of an Accident, Submission of Claim can be done online with Causeway OD Shield App.

Your Claim will be approved within 24-Hours.

Wide Geographical Coverage

Reaching out to the Road Trip Lovers, we extend our coverage from Singapore, Malaysia and all the way to the Kingdom of Thailand.

As for other countries, we are still working on it.

Regional Protection

Causeway OD Shield offers you regional protection for your car while driving in foreign countries.

Current Geographical Coverage includes:-

  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand

Frequently Asked Questions

Overview and Eligibility

Anyone above the age of 18 with a valid Driving License may apply.

Yes, as long as Causeway OD Shield Policy is active, you and your vehicle will be covered during Work / Business purposes.

Yes, Causeway OD Shield does provide Coverage if you use your vehicle for Grab, Go-Gek, Limousine or any other form of Transportation related activities.

Yes, As long as the Vehicle is below 20 years of age, you will still be covered under our Causeway OD Shield.

Unlike your main Car Insurance, Causeway OD Shield is a Car Protection Product therefore NCD / Discount do not apply.

Yes, It is provided that your Driving Licence is endorsed by the Authority, and that You are permitted to drive in the Country. 

Causeway OD Shield Coverage includes Geographical Area from Singapore, Malaysia to Kingdom of Thailand.

Yes, if you require protection against minor accidents in Singapore, especially for Rental Car Hirer, Excess Payable can be as high as S$ 4,000.00 regardless of liability during an Accident. 

Questions on COD Shield App

You can download the Causeway OD Shield App via Apple Store / Google Play Store.

Registration and Activation of Causeway OD Shield only takes a few minutes.

Yes. You can activate your Causeway OD Shield Policy whenever you need to be covered. 

Approval is instant.

Upon acknowledgement of Policy, your Policy documentation sent to you via email.

Each user should only register One (01) Account as it is tagged exclusively to your email address and Mobile Number.

You are required to re-register in Causeway OD Shield App with your New Mobile Number.

Certain cars model especially Rare Exotic Supercars or Antique Cars that are NOT listed under Causeway OD Shield Car List will not be covered.

 If you can’t find your car model on our list of cars, and you would like to be covered under our Policy, please drop us an email to request.

All claim documents can be uploaded via Causeway OD Shield App. 

Upon successful submission of your claim, you will receive an email with details and reference number of your Claim Submission; Our Claim Specialists will get in touch with you shortly to brief you on the next course of action.

If you have submitted the wrong documents, you may proceed to re-submit the correct documents. 

Yes, the status of Claim is available in the Causeway OD Shield App - under the Tab “Claims” , you will know the result of your Claim within 24 hours.

You will only be charged for Policy days utilised 

(Eg. You purchase 10 days of Coverage at 11am, upon Cancellation of Policy on the 8th Day before 11am, you will only be charged for 8 Days of Usage) 


No Early Cancellation is allowed for 6-Hours Package.

During an Accident

First thing is to make sure no one is hurt, ensure you and your passengers are safe and no major injures is obtained. 

Secondly – When the Scene is Safe, please take photographs of the following: 

  • The Accident Scene (And Evidence of the Collision)
  • Your Damaged vehicle
  • Other Party Damaged vehicle
  • Other Party Vehicle Car Plate
  • Other Party Vehicle Roadtax Plate
  • Other Party Identification Card 
  • Other Party Driving License 

Once all is clear, you may proceed with the Claim Submission in our Causeway OD Shield App.

Note : Please be reminded that Claim submission has to be done during your Causeway OD Shield Policy Coverage Period.

In the event Data / Internet network is limited; kindly notify us as soon as possible.

Using Causeway OD Shield App, under “Policy” section on the Top Left there is a button to enable you to send a “SOS Emergency SMS” to us. 

Note: this is a very important Step, and failure to do so may lead to your claim being Void. 

As soon as you have access to data / internet network; you should proceed with the Claim Submission.

If your vehicle damage does not exceed Causeway OD Shield Guideline of Degree 1 Outer Bodily Damage Protection, you are NOT required to make a police report; Causeway OD Shield will take care of your Vehicle Repair.

If there are serious injuries involved, you should contact the Ambulance immediately for Medical Assistance.

For Injury claim, you may contact your Motor / Health Insurance for further information.

As this is not our Scope of Coverage, you might need to negotiate a way of settlement with the other party.

As for the damage on your vehicle, you can either pay for your own repairs otherwise to utilise OD Claim (Own Damage) if the damage is too severe.

In the event the vehicle is damaged beyond repair, you might need to arrange with your Motor Insurance on a Total Loss Claim.  

Causeway OD Shield will definitely assist, depending on the evidences provided.

Please provide Evidences in the form of Photographs or Video Footage of the Hit-And-Run Incident

Kindly make a Claim Submission with all the relevant documentations via Causeway OD Shield App.

Our Assessors will review your case and contact you within 24 hours.

COD Shield Authorised Workshops

Upon Claim Approval, You may send your car to any of our “Authorized Workshops” listed in the Causeway OD Shield App, under the Topic “Information Centre”, sub-section “List of Authorized Workshops

Repairs can only be performed by Causeway OD ShieldAuthorized Workshops”, to ensure Causeway OD Shield can oversee the repair process and ensure a smooth delivery of vehicle after repair.

No, upon approval of claim, the repair cost will be borne by Causeway OD Shield, there will not be any additional or hidden costs involved.

Please report to Causeway OD Shield if you encounter any request for Payment. 

Yes, Causeway OD Shield will update you when your vehicle repair has been completed and ready for collection. 

Causeway OD Shield evaluated our “Authorised Workshops” on a regular basis, to ensure they produce a high standard of Quality Work before they can be our Applicators.

To maintain their High Standard of Service, before the collection of Vehicles, Owners are required to sign a “Vehicle Handover Form” to ensure Customer Satisfaction is met.

We are regularly observing and accessing the performance of our “Authorised Workshops” to ensure a high level of service standards, any workshops found to be unable to follow Causeway OD Shield Service Standard / Guidelines will be replaced.

Please visit “List of Authorised Workshops” in our Causeway OD Shield App for the updated list. 

Yes, we are working on the collaboration; Causeway OD Shield will have Trustable Authorised Workshops in Malaysia in the near future. 

Stay tuned!

Coverage and Benefits

Claim Submission can be done online at Causeway OD Shield App, NO payment is required for Causeway OD Shield Claim Submission.

Causeway OD Shield will pay for the Transport arrangement for the Authorised Driver and all passengers to one planned destination in their Home Country.

Total Towing Fee and Transportation Expenses can be claimable up to a maximum of S$ 500.00;

Note : Remember to keep your Towing and Transportation receipts

As reimbursement is directly from Causeway OD Shield it does not affect your Motor Insurance, NO Excess is payable and your NCD (No Claim Discount) will not be affected.

Causeway OD Shield covers Outer Bodily Damage based on Degree 1 Protection, which includes Front and Rear Bumper, Headlamps, Bonnet, Side Mirrors, Radiator, Condenser, Doors, Tail Lamps and more.

You will be entitled to a Daily Transport Allowance while your car is being repaired. 

We will pay a daily allowance for Loss of Use to the Authorised Driver at a rate of $50.00 daily, up to a maximum of seven (07) working days.

Causeway OD ShieldAuthorised Workshops” must abide to a 6-Months Warranty Period, attending to customer request if there are any defects during this time frame with no extra charges.

Exclusion Related Matters

Modification means any change made to your car whether it is for performance enhancing (output and/or handling), decorative purposes or for on-board entertainment.

We provide Coverage as long as your vehicle modification is within the Land Transport Authority (LTA) / Road Transport Department (RTD) guidelines and carried out by a certified technician. 

Please note that modified parts, will be replaced based on your vehicle manufacturer’s standard specifications.

We do not offer coverage for Motorcycle/Commercial vehicles and Buses at the moment.

Causeway OD Shield does not cover your Loss of car keys.

Our Protection is for Accident-Related Incidents, we do not cover if your vehicle is detained by Authority for any reasons.

As this is not within our Scope of Coverage, kindly contact the Local Police and your Main Insurance Company for assistance.

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